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Commercial Snow Removal

At G&G Services, we recognize the importance of timely snow removal for municipalities, businesses, and HOA's.  Our objective is to provide services that are minimally disruptive and at the most convenient times, resulting in a clean and safe environment for your patrons or residents.


Commercial snow removal is our specialty and primary focus during the winter months.  Our equipment includes a road grader with a wing, loaders, skid steers, plow trucks, sidewalk machines, and a dedicated shoveling team.  We equip our machinery with snow tires or tracks to maximize capability and minimize damage to underlying surfaces, avoiding the need for tire chains that could result in expensive repairs.  Our equipment is meticulously maintained to ensure uninterrupted service.  We enjoy networking, continuously learning, and conducting field tests for manufacturers.  By staying up-to-date with the latest equipment, attachments, and technologies, we identify and integrate the most advantageous tools to provide our clients with efficient and effective services they value.

Who we serve:

  • Counties, towns, and metro districts

  • Commercial complexes

  • Churches, schools, lots of any kind

  • Apartment complexes, HOA's, neighborhood roads, and multi-driveways

Large or small, we've got you covered!  

Commercial services are available throughout all of Summit County.

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