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Land Clearing, Grading, Driveways

Do you find your property overrun with sagebrush or other shrubbery and debris, hindering your plans for construction, driveway installation, or re-vegetation? Look no further than G&G Services. We have the expertise and equipment to tackle these challenges head-on.


Land Clearing

Even amidst dense foliage or debris, envisioning a cleared space is within reach with our land clearing services. Whether it's sagebrush or assorted debris obstructing your property, we can clear the area to facilitate easier access and maximize its potential.



Effective grading can transform the usability and aesthetics of your property beyond just driveways. We specialize in grading services to enhance drainage, prevent erosion, and create level surfaces for various purposes. Whether you're preparing land for construction, optimizing the layout of your outdoor space, or addressing drainage issues, our grading solutions are tailored to meet your needs. We have the expertise to work with existing surfaces or introduce new materials to achieve the desired results, ensuring that your property is both functional and visually appealing.


Driveways often encounter drainage issues, potholes, or water pooling, but our grading services provide a comprehensive solution. We optimize drainage and provide a smooth surface. Whether refining existing terrain or introducing fresh material, we'll restore your driveway to its former excellence. Entrust us with your driveway projects, from new installation to demolition and reinstallation, or grading and resurfacing. While we don't handle asphalt laying directly, we closely collaborate with reputable local contractors to seamlessly integrate this aspect into your project.

Below are images showcasing one of our projects where we cleared over 40,000 square feet of land, performed grading work, and installed a driveway, complete with a culvert. The property was densely covered with sagebrush, making it challenging to traverse on foot and inaccessible by vehicle. The owners required a driveway for access and a sizable area cleared and graded for future construction.


Our process included:

  • Contacting utility locates

  • Obtaining a driveway permit (County inspection mandated a culvert)

  • Installing a culvert to County specifications

  • Reestablishing the County ditch line as per permit requirements

  • Driveway installation (clearing vegetation, importing and grading road base)

  • Securing final driveway permit approval

  • Clearing vegetation from the designated 40,000 square foot area

  • Rough grading the entire site

  • Importing a significant amount of road base and completing final grading

The project was a success!


If you have any land clearing or grading requirements, we're here to help.


Previously no access

Now has a smooth and straight driveway, including a culvert, and a wide turn radius from the road

The property was once dense sagebrush

Now it's cleared and graded


What was once inaccessible land... 

Now allows the owner much more ease of use


Two more images showcasing the final product


Removal of an old driveway and installation of the new driveway (including asphalt coordination).

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